BVNE Club Series Fall 2021

The BVNE Club Series for California is live!  Click this link or visit us at and look under ongoing events.

The BVNE Club Series Fall 2021 is from August 1st – December 12th club series, and is open to organized clubs and players who wish to play for their club. Visit the club series link and click on LEADERBOARD how everyone is doing. Teams do not need to be with the same club to play together!

The Open divisions are also bid award events and award a triple bid for 2022 championship events.

Remaining club series dates, play in one or all dates:

Sep 12th
Oct 24th
Nov 14th
Dec 12th

If your interested in running a BNVE Club Series in your area call Daron at 310-5476-7486

The next BVNE CvC Series will start in spring 2022, and will be in many of our affiliate locations.  We will announce club standings after the last tournament, or you can visit the club series website for online records.

Don’t forget to follow us on our YouTube Channel at “Get Noticed Beach Volleyball” and follow BNVE on instagram at @BVNEvents. We can’t wait to see everyone there!

BVNE Santa Monica Health and Safety 2020

Santa Monica Update – BVNE Tournaments

BVNE has created our health and safety policy to address viral outbreaks. The flu happens every year, and on some years we also see additional viral outbreaks that accompany the flu on similar cycles. This year, 2020, we saw Covid-19 arrive on the scene, after the flu season started, and it circled the globe.

Since we can’t always know how serious things will be, we created our health and safety policy to be used every year whenever their is a concern over illnesses such as Covid-19.

Thank you for your patience.

🏖 Sand Court Experts at BVNE

On February 1st and 2nd the Sand Court Experts prepared the championship court for the Kauai Bikini National Tournament. Their work and equipment exceeded what we have seen before and showed how truly professional their products are.

After two days of competition…here’s the last finals match that was played on that court. The BVNE team would like to thank the Sand Court Experts for their time and resources bringing our players a premium court to play on!

Congrats BVNE Texas Players

On February 8th at the Austin Sports Center/Cedar park the @AJVsand team issued their first bids for the BVNE summer championships. We can’t wait to see bid winners from across the country this summer! Thank you Austin Juniors for helping players in Texas play hard, have fun, and earn their spot in the summer championships!

Thank you for playing BVNE!

BVNE at Austin Juniors

Earn your summer 2020 championship bid at Austin Juniors starting February 8th! Click below for event details and registration options.

BVNE National Tournaments brings together players from across the nation and beyond, to play hard and earn their place in the championship results. Our Feb 2nd national showcase drew players from thirteen states, and it wasn’t even a championship!

July 27th and 28th in Santa Monica California. At the Kauai Bikini National Championships, every player receives a two piece Kauai Bikini at check in! This is a BID ONLY championship for top finishers. All the details….

BVNE Spring Series Kick Off for 2020

We had a great start to the spring season of our Club & High School Series. We had players from Ascension Beach Volleyball, Crescent VB Club, Elite Beach Volleyball, Endless Summer VB Club, LA Beach, MB Sand, Shorebreak BVC, Sunshine, Ventura High School, WestCoast Beach….who all came our for intense competition and excellent sportsmanship!

It was a great day on the beach and we truly appreciate that so many clubs and parents bring their players to our events. The BVNE team was there to witness all the parents there to support their teams, and the players who held themselves to the standards of professional athletes with determination and good sportsmanship clearly apparent!

Here’s all the photos from our event…click on each one for a downloadable copy.

🏐 Project Serve November Qualifier Event

Another great event in the books at Project Serve! Every first through third place finish earned their bid for the July 2020 Championships! We can’t wait to see everyone on the sand in Santa Monica California next Summer!

🏐 Austin Juniors Beach Volleyball Tournaments

Austin Juniors Volleyball will be hosting BVNE BID EARNING events in 2020! We would like to thank Ashley and Amber from AJV for helping BVNE bring bids to more local players in Texas! Bringing the best beach volleyball events with a national points system that leads directly into our national championships and international college recruiting showcase championships is our goal. At BVNE, it’s the players who rock! They are the ones who balance homework with practice, play hard, win, and hopefully continue their career in college!

Look for events on the dates below to be posted to our schedule soon, and check out their facility below. If you haven’t played their yet, better get moving! They do a great job at their events.

Saturday Feb 8th
Saturday March 7th
Saturday April 25th
Saturday May 23rd
Sunday June 7th
Saturday June 27th

🔥 BVNE Texas Photos

The Project Serve bid event looks like it was a great beach volleyball tournament! We wish we could have been there, but that’s why we started an affiliate program. Finding trusted individuals who believe player success is the goal is our key. We want all our players to succeed and hope that their successful beach volleyball career, either for fun or for college recruiting, reflects back on us in the long run.

Click on each of the photos to see it full size. We hope to see you all again on October 20th!

Sandarac is coming to BVNE College Recruiting Showcase

The BVNE College Recruiting Showcase events just got a new sponsor! This February 2019 everyone will get to see the Sandarac sand rake in action. This is the fastest way to take get courts ready for competition! Check out their video right here to see how it’s done.

We can’t wait to see it in action. Thanks for making trip to support BVNE!