🏖 Sand Court Experts at BVNE

On February 1st and 2nd the Sand Court Experts prepared the championship court for the Kauai Bikini National Tournament. Their work and equipment exceeded what we have seen before and showed how truly professional their products are.

After two days of competition…here’s the last finals match that was played on that court. The BVNE team would like to thank the Sand Court Experts for their time and resources bringing our players a premium court to play on!

BVNE™ bringing everyone together!

Events coming up on the 2nd and 3rd of February will be a weekend to remember. We are bringing together the best and most positive environment for athletes to perform in!

Saturday we start the day with coaches from UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, Long Beach, and LMU all sharing their insight with players at our clinic with check in starting at 6:40 am for a 7 am start.

Shortly after that the Kauai Bikini™ Tournament will start with 8:30 check in and 9:30 start, and throughout the day we will be there with POWERHANDZ® training gear, Sandarac will help keep our courts smooth, and Firefly™ recovery gear. Don’t forget you have a shot at winning extra Kauai Bikini bottoms!

Saturday afternoon we have another coaches clinic with USC from 3:15 pm until 5:15. More opportunity to gain insights from coaches who have seen it all!

Sunday morning the big day starts. College recruiting showcase check in starts at 7:00 am, with an 8:00 am tournament start. Advance check in is available Saturday at the Kauai Bikini Tournament after 10 am.

BVNE is working with Dr. Nelson Santos who has previously provided services to USA Volleyball Medical Support Team, and was the Chiropractic Coordinator 2017 & 2018 USA Track & Field National Championships, and is the Volunteer Chiropractor AVP So Cal Tour: 2008-2018. Dr. Santos has been taking care of the pro volleyball players for 11 years. He is helping to set the stage to treat the 200+ athletes like pros with 6 Athletic Trainers lead by an Olympic ATC in Brazil and 3 Chiropractors lead by Joel Bienenfeld who’s an Olympic chiropractor in London. Dr. Santos and BVNE have been sponsored by KT Tape®, Tiger Balm®, and Fremont College who will be on site offering free massages to help our players safely do their best.

Seth Rose and Transition Performance specialize in Mental Performance Consulting and Sport Psychology Services to help athletes perform at their highest potential when it matters most or in high pressure situations. He’s worked with multiple levels and sports including elite level high school athletes from IMG Sports Academy, Division 1 athletics, and Olympic hopefuls. Seth Rose, M.S., USAT L1 will be on site Saturday AND Sunday!

Thirsty this Sunday? Try some Hint® Water! If you have never had some this is the time to try it. Hint is “delicious without sugar or sweeteners”. This is great tasting water made by people who care. You can read their story here and find out why Hint® is worth it!

Prizes at the showcase? BVNE has our players covered. Top divisions on Sunday will receive prizes from Lolë, BreakWater, Kauai Bikini, Wave Wear, and we have Bluetooth wireless speakers and headsets too!

BVNE would like to say thank you to all our sponsors, and all the players and parents who put their trust in us! Beach Volleyball National Events wouldn’t be able to bring you these events without the generous support of the King of the Beach® and Queen of the Beach® teams. Thank you for making this possible!

Mental Performance Consulting by Seth Rose Feb 2nd & 3rd 2019

BVNE is proud to host Transition Performance at the college recruiting showcase this February 3rd, and the Kauai Bikini Tournament on February 2nd!

Seth Rose specializes in Mental Performance Consulting and Sport Psychology Services to help athletes perform at their highest potential when it matters most or in high pressure situations. He’s worked with multiple levels and sports including elite level high school athletes from IMG Sports Academy, Division 1 athletics, and Olympic hopefuls.

You can see what they are all about on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All the details are on their website at www.transitionperformance.org or via email at transitionyourperformance@gmail.com. Thank you Seth for spending your time with BVNE athletes!

Lolë on the beach!

2019 brings another surprise for BVNE players. Lolë is sponsoring BVNE in 2019 with beautiful and eco-friendly premium water bottles. These will keeps beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Keeping plastic out of the environment never gets old.

Check out their entire selection at www.lolelife.com/collections/women-bottles

Lolë doesn’t just make water bottles either. They have a great selection of men’s and women’s active clothing too. Definitely check them out on instagram @lole.

Thank you for bringing the best to BVNE!

Sandarac is coming to BVNE College Recruiting Showcase

The BVNE College Recruiting Showcase events just got a new sponsor! This February 2019 everyone will get to see the Sandarac sand rake in action. This is the fastest way to take get courts ready for competition! Check out their video right here to see how it’s done.

We can’t wait to see it in action. Thanks for making trip to support BVNE!

Breakwater Shades™ Tournament for 2018

BVNE is hosting the Breakwater Shades™ beach volleyball tournament this October 27th! There will also be a costume content…details coming soon.

Here are the Breakwater Shades™ that will be given out to all players for the one of a kind October 27th 2018 event.

The first choice is is Liquid Amber. These are normally $95 online. Check them out on the Breakwater website.

LIQUID AMBER BreakWater Shades | Hybrid Sunglasses | Shades for Life

The second option is Forbes. This pair is normally $125 online, and Breakwater Shades™ has included these as an option for this event. Check them out online here!

Thank you for making this event possible!

Poseidon Paddle & Surf Sponsors the JBCL

BVNE is proud to announce that Poseidon Surf in Santa Monica has offered to sponsor the BVNE Juniors Beach Club League Championship Tournament!

This is a big deal. Two first place teams in divisions to be announced on the day of our championship will receive a complimentary stand up paddle board day rental from Poseidon Surf. That’s four complimentary rentals from the great team over at Poseidon. Since this isn’t something everyone gets to do every day, read about Poseidon’s lessons right here on their website.

The story behind Poseidon Surf is worth a read to. This business is what makes the Poseidon team happy…read their story right here.

Thank you Poseidon Surf for helping BVNE grow the game of beach volleyball!
Poseidon Surf
1654 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 694-8428

Snow Volleyball at the King of the Snow™ Invitational 2018

THIS was a great event, King of the Snow™ 2018 at Mammoth Mountain! Beach Volleyball National Events was invited to host the inaugural event with our sponsor King of the Beach®. The event brought the first King of the Snow™ volleyball championship to U.S. soil, and probably the first professional snow volleyball event as well.

The event took place as part of the 10th Mammoth Invitational event, hosted by the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation, which works to support and motivate the youth in their local area through education, athletics, and civic responsibility by developing world-class athletic and academic programs for the kids of the greater Mammoth Community. BVNE was present for their fundraising event and we can truly say this is an organization worthy of everyone’s support. They believe in the power of education and sports, and the benefits those experiences and skills can bring to kid’s lives. Check them out here www.mammothfoundation.org. You can also read about all the sports in the invitational event right here www.mammothfoundation.org/mammoth-invitational-2018.

So what does snow volleyball look like?? Keep scrolling down!

T3 PowerReady

T3 Power Ready is exactly what beach volleyball clubs, schools and athletes have needed.  To the Endless Summer Volleyball Club it was an absolute no brainer. For years Daron Forbes, the founder of the club, has purchased ladders, bands, and other accessories to take to the beach for training. I’ve always wanted to take weights to the beach. According to Daron, “I can’t physically take weights back and fourth to each practice so when I saw the T3 Power Ready I purchased ten.  You take an empty bag to the beach and then fill it up with sand. The bag is marked so you know how much sand is how many pounds of weight. It’s perfect for travel so when you get to your destination you can work out on the beach, no special equipment or extra costs. When your done you empty out the sand and you’re on your way.”

Athletes often travel and may be on the road for weeks or even months. There may not be a gym available to them at each location. T3 power ready is large enough to hold two balls and depending on the size of the bag can get from as little as 5 to as high as 100 pounds. Look for T3 power ready at our BVNE Events. T3 power Ready donates a portion of the funds to homeless veterans. A cause we all need to support for those men and women who have given unconditionally for our country. We would like to invite everyone to visit t3powerready.com

See what T3 is all about: