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BVNE is not one of those companies not backed by a major source of money. Everything we do, from the costs of our medals, to the prizes we provide, has to be sensible. When we bring in a sponsor to provide equipment, prizes, supplies, and even back end resources, we take it seriously. This organization is going to become part of the BVNE family. The organizations below have helped BVNE bring you the best run events anywhere in the nation.

Since the start of BVNE, the King of the Beach® has been there for us. Players have cooled their feet under the KOB tents. Great photos have been taken with their backdrops and flags. Even the balls at the event would not be possible without their support.

Please read the story of each of the companies below…they are like family to us.

This February 2nd and 3rd of 2020, the Sand Court Experts will be providing BVNE players with a premium court for championship matches. We can’t wait to have everyone play on the best quality courts in front of two dozen college coaches. You can visit the Sand Court Experts at their website

Pono Kai Beachwear

What’s better than earning a medal in the BVNE Juniors Championship? A Pono Kai prize bag to go with your BVNE prizes! This is fun, quality beachwear direct to our players. Thank you Pono Kai. We can’t wait to see you again on the beach! Pono Kai means good ocean. Check them out now.

BU Sunscreen

What’s better than moisturizing and not thick and sticky on your skin sun protection? How about sunscreen that doesn’t feel cold going on and comes in a bottle that will let you use every last drop? How about a TSA compliant 3.3 oz bottle that will give you 500 sprays and is fragrance free. There are even more great details too, give them a look now.


Beautiful headwear. VanScotty visors are simply awesome. Coming out of Miami, their style is unmistakable and there is no doubt they are unique on the beach. There’s no substitute for trying one on. See all their options here.

Shades Tent

Our fall 2019 season just got more interesting. One lucky team will will a beach tent on September 8th. Thank you for giving our players exciting prizes that are unlike anything else! Visit them at


Starting with June 2019 events, BVNE began using the Mikasa® King of the Beach® volleyball. We’re looking forward to more great products from Mikasa in the years to come, and the best KOB ball ever! Thank you for your support. Check out all their equipment at

Planet Smoothie

This was a great day for our players. Planet Smoothie, walking distance from our 1200 PCH location, hand delivered free smoothie cards for our players. Such a great surprise! Visit their store today. Click here for details and address!

Yoga Strong

This is Yoga Strong LA. This is mind and body at its fullest, allowing BVNE players to explore the potential of their strength and awareness. We can’t say thank you enough for sharing that strength with our players. Visit them at

Eco Imaging Solutions

You wouldn’t normally think of printers and toner when think of beach volleyball. Every event we show up with pool sheets, score sheets, bid awards, college coaches packets, and more. There’s a lot of volume here and we were fortunate to have their help making sure we were using the most cost effective printers and toner supplies. Thank you Harry Kim!


This was a special surprise. Lole provided BVNE a huge box of prizes for our players. Premium products, direct on the beach for BVNE players. Thank you Lole!

Harmless Harvest

Their name actually means a lot more than you think it does. They make sure that everything we do benefits every entity involved. They succeed by helping everyone their supply chain succeed as well, all in order to bring you the best organic coconut water.

Power Crunch

Thank you Power Crunch for bringing so many of our players a something delicious on the beach.

for bringing so many of our players a something delicious on the beach.


This is the fastest and easiest way to prep a championship court. Create a flat surface with less effort in wet or dry sand. Thank you Sandarac for helping BVNE groom our courts. Check out their products in action at

Benton Chairs

Most everyone likes sitting on the beach. Carrying a ten pound chair that can be awkward to carry with your beach bag. Problem solved by Benton Chairs. Enjoy the beach, support your back, and even keep yourself grounded with your feet in the sand. Get yours at


It’s simple, protect your skin from the wear and tear athletes experience. Callouses and impacts all happen during sports, and what could be simpler than minimizing that. See all the details at


Make the most of your workout with weighted fingerless gloves. Every movement during your training and warmups is more effective with POWERHANDZ. Visit

Simple Mobility Tools

Another great group of people behind effective products. Thank you for all the live demos at our showcase and for helping our players have a great day. Cost effective recovery tools available at

T3 Power Bags

T3 Power Bags are the most versatile beach exercise equipment you will find anywhere. The best think you can do is check out all the product demos on their instagram page.

Dr. Nelson Santos
We can’t say thank you enough for Dr. Santos help and support at our major events throughout the year. He helps players be safe and successful at our events.

Transition Performance

This is a unique team of people. In their words “Harness the power of your mind to maximize your potential when it matters most”. BVNE was witness first hand to their effectiveness on the toughest tournament of 2019. In just a few minutes they helped our players be mentally ready to complete instead of get stuck behind the weather that they were about to play in. Details at:

Tuff Sox

Here’s the perfect example of a modern start up company. Tuff Sox was started by a family in Carlsbad California and has grown into a company that BVNE has walk up requests to see if we have Tuff Sox for sale. TuffSox really work too. Check out TuffSox

Dig Magazine

Dig has been providing quality publications for generations now. Dig has been helped BVNE provide copies of Dig Magazine to our players since before BVNE existed. Dig Magazine has covered beach volleyball since before the golden age of the sport in the days of Jose Loiola, Tim Hovland, and Ingenio Bacil. Read more at

BreakWater Shades

Now here is a story. When we met the founder of BreakWater in 2017, BreakWater was in its first years as an eco friendly company providing quality eye wear. Since then, one of the founders of BVNE has even sat on his pair of BreakWaters. As I write this, that pair is in great shape again and I am still wearing that pair today. Not a warranty or anything, just quality construction. See all their styles at

BVNE’s second sponsor, Kauai Bikini

So many of you from coast to coast know KB. With a great story to tell, and the quality and integrity in their product to match, we can’t be grateful enough for Kauai Bikini. You can check out their styles now at

The ORIGINAL sponsor of BVNE, King of the Beach®

The King and Queen of the Beach organization has been with the BVNE team, since before BVNE came to be. After all these years of support, BVNE would not be able to bring you the events we do without KOB. Visit them at

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