GNBV Virtual Showcase

Welcome to the GNBV Virtual College Recruiting Showcase

We’re not waiting for events to resume to help players Get Noticed. We are bringing broadcast style virtual showcases to players worldwide. Here’s how a virtual showcase works. Players are interviewed and provide us with background videos in addition to your highlight video. GNBV will bring together several player interviews for each virtual showcase episode.

The first step is to get into the Player Highlight Program. This is where your highlight video is posted to our YouTube channel. Click here to get started with your highlight video.

Next, register for the Virtual Showcase. Once your interview is complete, your bio will be posted into the new player profile section of the GNBV website. The profiles and virtual showcases will then be provided as an indispensable resource for college coaches to get to know players and find out more about you.

Each player receives an interview in the format below.

July 2020 Championships Special Announcement

July 2020 BVNE Championship Events Special Announcement

March 25th, 2020
As you already know, every responsible organization is not holding events at this time. This means there is no chance to earn a bid during March, April, and possibly May. Since we can’t have tournaments providing the opportunity to earn bids, we are making a change.

Our national championship tournaments in July will now be open to everyone.

BVNE’s summer championships will be the place where the best players play. Pool play will be broken into as many as four different playoff brackets, ensuring the most intense competition, providing players an elite accomplishment to make it to the medal round in any division.

We simply don’t want anyone left out who was planning to earn their bid in March, April, or May of 2020. Now is your chance to sign up for the most exciting summer championship tournaments in the nation. Our Kauai Bikini Championship is the only tournament in the world where you get a KB top & bottom at check in. Elite beach tournaments made fun at BVNE with some serious shopping happening before you hit the sand. Each tournament/division will start and finish in a single day.

BVNE Santa Monica Health and Safety 2020

Santa Monica Update – BVNE Tournaments

BVNE has created our health and safety policy to address viral outbreaks. The flu happens every year, and on some years we also see additional viral outbreaks that accompany the flu on similar cycles. This year, 2020, we saw Covid-19 arrive on the scene, after the flu season started, and it circled the globe.

Since we can’t always know how serious things will be, we created our health and safety policy to be used every year whenever their is a concern over illnesses such as Covid-19.

Thank you for your patience.

🏖 Sand Court Experts at BVNE

On February 1st and 2nd the Sand Court Experts prepared the championship court for the Kauai Bikini National Tournament, and the Get Noticed Beach Volleyball™ National College Recruiting Showcase. Their work and equipment exceeded what we have seen before and showed how truly professional their products are.

After two days of competition…here’s the last finals match that was played on that court. The BVNE team would like to thank the Sand Court Experts for their time and resources bringing our players a premium court to play on!

Congrats BVNE Texas Players

On February 8th at the Austin Sports Center/Cedar park the @AJVsand team issued their first bids for the BVNE summer championships. We can’t wait to see bid winners from across the country this summer! Thank you Austin Juniors for helping players in Texas play hard, have fun, and earn their spot in the summer championships!

Thank you for playing BVNE!

BVNE at Austin Juniors

Earn your summer 2020 championship bid at Austin Juniors starting February 8th! Click below for event details and registration options.

BVNE National Tournaments brings together players from across the nation and beyond, to play hard and earn their place in the championship results. Our Feb 2nd national showcase drew players from thirteen states, and it wasn’t even a championship!

July 27th and 28th in Santa Monica California. At the Kauai Bikini National Championships, every player receives a two piece Kauai Bikini at check in! This is a BID ONLY championship for top finishers. All the details….

July 29th and 30th in Santa Monica will be the toughest competition seen on the beach this summer. As a BID ONLY event, only players who finish at the top of playoffs will be awarded entry. Play top players, play BVNE. All the details…

BVNE Spring Series Kick Off for 2020

We had a great start to the spring season of our Club & High School Series. We had players from Ascension Beach Volleyball, Crescent VB Club, Elite Beach Volleyball, Endless Summer VB Club, LA Beach, MB Sand, Shorebreak BVC, Sunshine, Ventura High School, WestCoast Beach….who all came our for intense competition and excellent sportsmanship!

It was a great day on the beach and we truly appreciate that so many clubs and parents bring their players to our events. The BVNE team was there to witness all the parents there to support their teams, and the players who held themselves to the standards of professional athletes with determination and good sportsmanship clearly apparent!

Here’s all the photos from our event…click on each one for a downloadable copy.

🏆 BVNE Championship Beach Volleyball Dates & Details

BVNE Championship Dates July 27-30th

Regardless of what age division you won in you must “Play Your Age”.  If you won in bid in the 12U division and you or your partner will be 13 years old the day of the event you will need to sign up in the 13U division.  Just play your age, and keep it simple. 

BVNE championship beach volleyball events are one day with pool play, everyone breaking pool into GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE & COPPER playoffs as needed. We will have a championship center court for U18’s & U16’s divisions finals.  Post match interviews along with full game, live scoreboard with names will be recorded and displayed on our BVNE YouTube channel, social media and put in our national email for all to view. If wireless internet connection supports it, we will also live broadcast as much as possible. 

You must have a BVNE membership.  If your membership has expired click on this link to update your membership. 

Terms and Conditions
I understand that, upon registration, I am guaranteed a spot in which full team refunds will be granted only until July 1st, 2020. After this point, entry will be non-refundable. I also understand that all players must be no older than the division they are playing in the day of the event. The 14U division means precisely 14 and under. Finally, I understand that player information provided shall be made available to college coaches, as part of BVNE’s service to connect colleges and players. 

Kauai Bikini National Championships

July 27th-28th
Early registration is $150 and ends Feb 1st
After that date, registration is $180 
Late registration after June 1st is $240

Age Divisions & Dates:
12U 7/27
13U 7/27
16U 7/27
14U 7/28
15U 7/28
18U 7/28

Get Noticed Beach Volleyball
International College Recruiting Championships

July 29th-30th
Early registration is $260 and ends Feb 1st
After that date registration is $300
Late registration after June 1st is $350

12U  7/29
13U  7/29
16U  7/29
14U  7/30
15U  7/30
18U  7/30

College Coaches Clinics on two center courts. Limited space, and OPEN TO EVERYONE
Registration opens spring 2020

10 athletes per court. 
Early Registration ends Feb 1st $100 
Registration after Feb 1st $130
Late Registration After June 1st  $150

7/27 (max 20 athletes per session)

7/28 (max 20 athletes per session)

🏐 Project Serve November Qualifier Event

Another great event in the books at Project Serve! Every first through third place finish earned their bid for the July 2020 Championships! We can’t wait to see everyone on the sand in Santa Monica California next Summer!