Why do a BVNE college coaches clinic? There’s more than just one reason to do a BVNE college coaches clinic:

  • You get to train with different college coaches at the same clinic, learn new drills and improve your game.
  • BVNE college coaches clinics do not include coaches who are not actively working at a current college. All coaches at our college coaches clinics are NCAA
    D1 & D2 collegiate coaches.
  • Small group setting so each athlete can have the opportunity to as much information from each college coach.
  • Ask questions at the end durning the review part of the clinic. College coaches give valuable feedback that can be very useful.
  • Train with other like minded athletes and network for possible potential partners.
  • Getting one on one time with each college coach at the end of the clinic is important so they can get to know you and you can get to know them.
  • Train with six or more different college coaches in one clinic, for one entry fee.
  • Athough clinics are not a recruiting event it’s a great place to learn about each coach and their coaching style.
  • NO partner needed but you can stay on the same court if both you and your partner are doing the clinic.

At BVNE we understand college coaches clinics with several coaches are an important part of the process. We offer two clinics the Saturday before the GNBV showcase with a Kauai Bikini tournament between the clinics so the college coaches from the AM clinic and those who arrive for the PM clinic have the ability to watch you play even before the showcase on Sunday. It’s an essential opportunity to put into action something you learned in the clinic on the same day.

Everyone has a different schedule so you can choose what you are up for given your travel plans and how much you want to train and play over the course of two days. We make it so you can get the most out of your travels with four events to choose from.

At the end of the day BVNE and GNBV have maximized two days so you can “Get Noticed” by college coaches and get recruited to play collegiate beach volleyball. Check out our committed page on instagram to see over 791 athletes committed by playing at our events at @Gnbv.Commits

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