BVNE is dedicated to juniors beach volleyball careers. Every player, every level. You can play BVNE from your first event through your college recruitment.

Get signed up for GNBV’s Virtual Showcase, which includes an interview, player profile on, publishing of your highlight video on our YouTube Channel, and broadcasting of the virtual showcase for coaches around the country.

Get your name out there while no one else is. The first episode of our virtual showcase is strictly limited so don’t wait to sign up.


In the event we BVNE is allowed to host our June 6th & 7th Showcase, clinics, and Kauai Bikini Tournaments, we will operate with a strictly limited number of teams, among other measures.

If we need to push a June 6-7th back it will be moved to July 1st and 2nd. If you are unable to make that date, full refunds or transfers to secure your spot are available.

If we need to push July 1-2nd back it will be moved to our championships on July 27th-30th, which are also open to everyone. Once again, if you are unable to make that date, full refunds or transfers to secure your spot are available.

If we need to push back further we have dates in August, September & of course October. Will expect to know by June 1st which way will be proceeding.

We are proud to provide our players with national and international levels of accomplishment for their beach resume!

With over a quarter of all U.S. states and Canadian provinces represented in our events, BVNE is proud to be the most trusted event host for juniors beach volleyball.

And remember, “there’s no bench on the beach”™

Our Tournaments

GNBV College Recruiting Showcase & Clinics

Get Noticed Beach Volleyball™ national college recruiting showcases attract coaches from the top Division 1 & 2, NAIA, and CCCAA colleges from the United States as well as players from North America and beyond. Our college recruiting showcase has helped hundreds of athletes get noticed at our events.


BreakWater™ Shades Tournaments

This is the only tournament where you can get your BreakWater™ Shades and have a great day too! This special event  has a Halloween costume contest too!


Kauai Bikini Tournament Series

Where else does a bikini come with each players entry, and you can win more bikinis all day? The Kauai Bikini Tournament Series is also one of the only locations where Kauai Bikini tops are offered. This is a can’t miss event!


Juniors Club & High School League

This is a juniors beach volleyball series that brings true competition to juniors throughout Southern California. individual players or entire clubs & schools are welcome. Two seasons a year with a championship event and semi-annual crowning of the King & Queen of the Beach® winner for the player with the most points.


Queen of the Beach® Tournament Series

The QOB event series will bring year round beach volleyball back to Southern California. We will host men’s, women’s and junior’s boys and girl’s events through Southern California with events in 2018 to kick off the season. Will have the same sponsors for events year round. Prizes will vary at each event from Breakwater Shades, Kauai Bikinis, Queen of the Beach gift certificates.


Collegiate Beach Volleyball League

The CBVL™ offers a place for NAIA member colleges, junior colleges and other schools to compete without the hassle of creating, managing, and keeping track of scores and points every year. The CBVL™ will host events so schools can play other schools while in season for extra tournaments and to continue to refine their skills.

Play at the best run events!

National points, live Internet based scoring, clinics with collegiate coaches, Elite and start level competitive events, showcase events for college recruiting, virtual showcases, club leagues for improved player development, and starter leagues so young players can learn the game right the first time at their first tournament. We’re here to grow the beach volleyball! We are the beach nation, we are beach volleyball.

Beach Volleyball National Events is proud to bring you quality and responsible events.

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