BVNE Club Series Fall 2021

The BVNE Club Series for California is live!  Click this link or visit us at and look under ongoing events.

The BVNE Club Series Fall 2021 is from August 1st – December 12th club series, and is open to organized clubs and players who wish to play for their club. Visit the club series link and click on LEADERBOARD how everyone is doing. Teams do not need to be with the same club to play together!

The Open divisions are also bid award events and award a triple bid for 2022 championship events.

Remaining club series dates, play in one or all dates:

Sep 12th
Oct 24th
Nov 14th
Dec 12th

If your interested in running a BNVE Club Series in your area call Daron at 310-5476-7486

The next BVNE CvC Series will start in spring 2022, and will be in many of our affiliate locations.  We will announce club standings after the last tournament, or you can visit the club series website for online records.

Don’t forget to follow us on our YouTube Channel at “Get Noticed Beach Volleyball” and follow BNVE on instagram at @BVNEvents. We can’t wait to see everyone there!