BVNE Spring Series Kick Off for 2020

We had a great start to the spring season of our Club & High School Series. We had players from Ascension Beach Volleyball, Crescent VB Club, Elite Beach Volleyball, Endless Summer VB Club, LA Beach, MB Sand, Shorebreak BVC, Sunshine, Ventura High School, WestCoast Beach….who all came our for intense competition and excellent sportsmanship!

It was a great day on the beach and we truly appreciate that so many clubs and parents bring their players to our events. The BVNE team was there to witness all the parents there to support their teams, and the players who held themselves to the standards of professional athletes with determination and good sportsmanship clearly apparent!

Here’s all the photos from our event…click on each one for a downloadable copy.

🔥 BVNE Texas Photos

The Project Serve bid event looks like it was a great beach volleyball tournament! We wish we could have been there, but that’s why we started an affiliate program. Finding trusted individuals who believe player success is the goal is our key. We want all our players to succeed and hope that their successful beach volleyball career, either for fun or for college recruiting, reflects back on us in the long run.

Click on each of the photos to see it full size. We hope to see you all again on October 20th!

👍 BVNE Provides Full Event Data

We’ve all been there before. “How did I finish?”, “When do I play next?”, or “what time should we break for lunch”.

BVNE is where YOU, the player, the parent, college coaches, club coaches, recruiters…..EVERYONE, can access everything from pool play schedules, results, reffing assignments, and all playoff details. It’s all public and all accessible to everyone. The answers to those questions are in reach without going to the event desk.

So here’s a pool play sample. The main screen (not shown, but you can view it by clicking here) shows seeding information and who is in your pool. This screen shows the schedule, who is playing, and who is reffing. Times of course are approximate since games will take as long as they take, but it’s available online to everyone.

Then we have playoffs. This is where transparency really kicks in. Who plays who is controlled by the results of pool play. There’s no monkeying with playoffs here, and no guessing when you should warm up and be ready. Times of course are always approximate since games will take as long as they take.

The biggest challenge we still face is when one pool finishes early, and another is not up to done yet. BVNE BracketPal shows EVERYONE when a pool is finished, and when another pool is still unfinished in the same division. The big delay between pool play and playoffs is now clearly identified by what pool is still playing. Since playoffs only take five to ten minutes to create instead of a half hour or more, the wait time is drastically cut.

At Beach Volleyball National Events, we do our best at every event to help make sure our players have the best day we can provide, and make the most of their time on the beach.

All of the samples above are from our actual event, which you can view here:

You can also browse our event history online here:
We couldn’t do this without BracketPal, it’s a game changer!

Earn BVNE Points!


Earning points at all three beach volleyball tours for juniors can give you an advantage. At BVNE we have three different tours to play in.

BVNE presented by Queen Of the Beach®️
Play in a QOB and points earned from JBCL and our college recruiting showcase will be added to your total overall points in JBCL.

BVNE Juniors Beach Club League
In the JBCL the points you earn will be applied in our QOB & showcase. However, points can not transfer into the JBCL because this is a club driven event.

BVNE College Recruiting Showcase
You earn double points in our college recruiting showcase because this is our national tournament with teams traveling from all over the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and have had International teams.

Points play an important part of your player ranking. Our system allows college coaches to follow your progress live when your playing and the higher your points the higher you’ll be seeded in a tournament. Not always does seeding work out due to teams who many have never played before in our BVNE events but it gives us a base on how to track players. The more you play the higher your points will be. At the end of the season tournament one player in each division will be recognized on 9/1 at our GrandSLAM event for having the top points.