Why are College Coaches Clinics Important?

For junior beach volleyball athletes with aspirations of playing at the collegiate level, the path to success involves not only talent and dedication but also acclimating to the standards and expectations of training with college coaches. BVNE college coaches clinics are the key step. These events offer an invaluable opportunity for young athletes to learn, connect with other players, and experience coaches expectations of players training at the collegiate level

At BVNE college coaches clinics, athletes are provided an unrivaled chance for junior beach volleyball athletes to directly train with coaches from various collegiate programs all in one two hour stretch. Athletes can receive guidance, feedback, and valuable insights from experienced coaches who have an in-depth understanding of the game, using collegiate level standards. The opportunity to learn from reputable coaches can significantly accelerate an athlete’s development and enable them to fine-tune their skills to meet the collegiate standards.

These events can make a lasting impression on players who may be interacting at this level for the first time. BVNE clinics are designed to give players time in front of coaches when they are well rested and at their best, and not all day events that wipe out players before the National GNBV Showcase the following day.

Investing in college coaches clinics is a wise choice for any aspiring athlete seeking to fulfill their dreams of playing beach volleyball at the collegiate level and we can’t wait to see you there!

BVNE Club Series Fall 2021

The BVNE Club Series for California is live!  Click this link or visit us at bvne.volleyballlife.com and look under ongoing events.

The BVNE Club Series Fall 2021 is from August 1st – December 12th club series, and is open to organized clubs and players who wish to play for their club. Visit the club series link and click on LEADERBOARD how everyone is doing. Teams do not need to be with the same club to play together!

The Open divisions are also bid award events and award a triple bid for 2022 championship events.

Remaining club series dates, play in one or all dates:

Sep 12th
Oct 24th
Nov 14th
Dec 12th

If your interested in running a BNVE Club Series in your area call Daron at 310-5476-7486

The next BVNE CvC Series will start in spring 2022, and will be in many of our affiliate locations.  We will announce club standings after the last tournament, or you can visit the club series website for online records.

Don’t forget to follow us on our YouTube Channel at “Get Noticed Beach Volleyball” and follow BNVE on instagram at @BVNEvents. We can’t wait to see everyone there!

BVNE Santa Monica Health and Safety 2020

Santa Monica Update – BVNE Tournaments

BVNE has created our health and safety policy to address viral outbreaks. The flu happens every year, and on some years we also see additional viral outbreaks that accompany the flu on similar cycles. This year, 2020, we saw Covid-19 arrive on the scene, after the flu season started, and it circled the globe.

Since we can’t always know how serious things will be, we created our health and safety policy to be used every year whenever their is a concern over illnesses such as Covid-19.

Thank you for your patience.

Good Luck 🍀

As we head into summer BVNE would like to wish all the athletes playing in @bvnevents, Queen of the Beach®, @cbvajuniors, @aaubeach, @avpfirst, @avpnext, @avpbeach, @volleyoce, and @usavbeach GOOD LUCK 🍀! At BVNE we know it’s important to get noticed and we hope everyone finds the right fit weather it’s for athletic or academic. We look forward to seeing you all on the sand in sunny Southern California and our July 31st College Recruiting Showcase. Get out there, play, and get noticed playing beach volleyball in 2018!

Latest AVCA Division 1 Coaches Poll

Beach volleyball for women has been the fastest growing sport for several years now and by the looks of things we are continuing that growth.  With opportunities like BVNE College Recruiting Showcases and clinics junior girls now have a place to play and get noticed by college coaches to one day compete at the college level. If it’s your dream to continue to play in college our next College Recruiting showcase is June 10th in Santa Monica.

The AVCA has posted the results from this past weekend. Check out the results to see where your dream school is in the polls.

Visit the AVCA website right here:  https://www.avca.org/polls/beach/3-26-18.html