T3 PowerReady

T3 Power Ready is exactly what beach volleyball clubs, schools and athletes have needed.  To the Endless Summer Volleyball Club it was an absolute no brainer. For years Daron Forbes, the founder of the club, has purchased ladders, bands, and other accessories to take to the beach for training. I’ve always wanted to take weights to the beach. According to Daron, “I can’t physically take weights back and fourth to each practice so when I saw the T3 Power Ready I purchased ten.  You take an empty bag to the beach and then fill it up with sand. The bag is marked so you know how much sand is how many pounds of weight. It’s perfect for travel so when you get to your destination you can work out on the beach, no special equipment or extra costs. When your done you empty out the sand and you’re on your way.”

Athletes often travel and may be on the road for weeks or even months. There may not be a gym available to them at each location. T3 power ready is large enough to hold two balls and depending on the size of the bag can get from as little as 5 to as high as 100 pounds. Look for T3 power ready at our BVNE Events. T3 power Ready donates a portion of the funds to homeless veterans. A cause we all need to support for those men and women who have given unconditionally for our country. We would like to invite everyone to visit t3powerready.com

See what T3 is all about: