July 31st is the Summer BVNE College Recruiting Showcase

This July 31st is the next college recruiting tournament. BVNE, quite simply, is the only premier college recruiting event in the nation. The BVNE formula for events makes sure college coaches can actually find the players they are interested in. Our events also make sure coaches can easily bump into players they haven’t seen before. We offer one of the few, if not only, single day, capacity limited college recruiting events in the nation. That is just one of the key facts that makes BVNE more manageable for players and families, and physically possible for coaches to see who they want to see. Check out our last event below.

Here are just some of the coaches that attended our June 16th, 2019 event. Come see who will be there next! BVNE College recruiting events exist to bring everyone together.

This isn’t all either. BVNE has hosted many more college coaches, but we only have so much time at our events to stop for photos. Coaches are busy people!

June 16th 2019 BVNE College Recruiting Showcase

Here at BVNE, we’re a family run business. We have our own college student who has been through the same process, and we do our best to make sure we conduct ourselves to the same expectations we would for our own family. This weekend we saw a lot of players perform well, show independence and responsibility, and fielded a lot of questions about our players. You might have heard “so and so please report to the front desk” announced a few times over the speakers. This is a good thing, and usually meant that a coach needed information about a player, so we called them up to ask the question that was not have been filled out completely on the registration forms.

We would like to thank everyone for placing your trust in us to bring you a quality event. Most of you travelled from far and we hope to see you again before your player’s college career starts. Please consider our clinics and showcases from July to October this year, and our additional events throughout the year. Don’t forget to check out our highlight video at the end of this email!

All our results have been placed on our website so that you can refer to them. All results have also been placed in our ranking system so you can track your progress.


This past weekend we had photographer Andy Wolf on site taking photos. He offers full resolution photos and will welcome your inquiry. You can contact him at andywolfimages@gmail.com and review more of his work on Instagram and Facebook. The photo gallery for this event is located here., or just click the photos below.

Visit the full photo gallery here
Visit the full photo gallery here
Highlights from this weekend

ProjectU Beach Volleyball Showcase & Clinic

The ProjectU Collegiate Beach Clinics and Showcases are about connecting athletes with college coaches who have the ability to take your game to the next level. This event is located at Montrose Beach, located at 4400 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60640.  Each event is open to all athletes who are committed to understanding themselves and moving ahead as a beach volleyball player, and per NCAA rules, this event is open to any and all entrants limited only by age, gender, grade, or number.

“Each year we have ventured to bring leading edge ideas and training to beach volleyball and our beach clinics. With top college coaches in one location, this event will be a major opportunity for young athletes. It will be a point for athletes in real time to learn next level concepts, showcase their skills and potentially, change the direction of their future in beach volleyball. ” -Stephen McCarthy. Director, TMP Beach Volleyball

This is a great opportunity for players. The ProjectU Schedule:

Day 1 Beach Clinic
9am-11am Introductions, Warmup and On-court Drills with Coaches
11am-12pm Coaches Panel (Off Court): Coaches answer your questions, subjects to include; how to get recruited in beach, best practices for skill development, how to get connected to the beach community when there is no beach club in your area, among others
12pm-1pm Lunch, not included in event fee
1pm-3pm: On-court Drills with Coaches

Day 2 Showcase Tournament
8am Player meeting
8:15am Tournament start

Read more about it below, or check out the signup details now.

BVNE College Recruiting Showcase Tips

The most important detail about beach volleyball college recruiting tournaments is that they are not all created equally. Each organization operates by their own standards. So do your research…friends & family who may have already been, social media, etc. At BVNE, we started operating college recruiting events in 2014 at the dawn of beach volleyball as an NCAA championship sport. Since then, we have worked every year to provide transparency and an effective venue for players and coaches to come together for beach volleyball recruiting.

We provide coaches with all of the information a coach would need to make the most of their time at our event. We also maintain records of pool play, finals, and searchable overall rankings of over a thousand players just in the last 12 months. We believe we provide the most effectively run beach volleyball college recruiting events anywhere.

Remember, you are not trying to fill a specific skill set on a team. Your goal is to show you can complete in doubles beach volleyball with whole package of skills.

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BVNE College Recruiting Showcase Tips – Part 2

Tip #1

Make sure to sign up with all the information for you and your partner. Grad year, coach or professional recruiting contact information, etc. Remember, NCAA division one coaches are not allowed to call players until after a specific date after their sophomore year . They can talk to your coach or recruiter though. Help coaches play by the rules by providing the correct coach or recruiter phone number and email address.

Tip #2

Well before you arrive on event day, make sure to email coaches from schools you are interested in that you will be at BVNE. Due to regulations, many can’t reply to you until after a specific date, see above, so don’t worry if you don’t hear back. On some occasions coaches may even want to talk to your coach or recruiter the day of the event so make sure that person is available by phone.

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BVNE College Recruiting Showcase Tips – Part 3

Tip #3

On event day when you arrive at BVNE, be prepared. Have your medical waiver filled out. Write your grad year on one leg, and the first few letters of your last name on the other. If you have a SendRecruits.com number, write that on your arm.

Tip #4

Player and partner must check in at the tournament desk together. With your medical waivers already filled out check in goes very fast, a minute so. Court and pool play assignments, and the court map, will be available at showcase.bvne.org the morning of the event.

Tip #5

College coaches each have their own goals on event day. They usually arrive around 8 am. Most coaches want to see everyone play and will make rounds throughout the event. Some coaches may even make a special trip to follow up on a player they are watching. Coaches will usually blend in as best they can. They want you to play the way you normally do so they will not announce themselves.

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BVNE College Recruiting Showcase Tips – Part 4

Tip #6

Be open to any school who might watch your game. Where you want to attend is important, but if the coach has already recruited for your grad year it might not work out. You want to make a good impression on all coaches.

Tip #7

On event day when the tournament is setup before you arrive and our videographer is planning out his day, the focus will be on you, the BVNE player. The coaches will review their information, and pool play will start. This is the players opportunity to showcase their skills, teamwork, and communication. Good luck to all the potential recruits out there at the BVNE National College Recruiting Showcase, the largest in the U.S. and Canada!

Take a look at our BVNE showcase website for schedules and details: showcase.bvne.org

U.S. Education Department will investigate college admissions scandal

As big as recent events may seem, it does appear isolated to a specific group of people and does not reflect on our beach volleyball community as a whole. At BVNE we do our best to bring transparency and integrity to the sport of beach volleyball. There are many organizations out there who also help maintain integrity in our sport and we’re excited to continue to be a positive part of the beach volleyball community. In case you have’t seen coverage on the story, give these two articles a read.

In an article by Moriah Balingit in the March 13th Washington Post Education Secretary Betsy DeVos advised her plans for this situation. You can read more about it here:https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2019/03/13/disgraceful-betsy-devos-says-education-department-will-investigate-college-admissions-scandal/?utm_term=.4bc37417cefb

Another article by Hillary Davis and David Carrillo Peñaloza in the Los Angeles Times covered what federal prosecutors found and who was involved. Full details available here:https://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/tn-dpt-me-newport-college-scandal-20190312-story.html

At BVNE, we our best for our customers, both players and coaches. How do we bring transparency to our events? We maintain an online list of international player results from our past events so everyone can see them. Our online records include pool play and playoff results. This helps us do the best we can so that pools are properly arranged by ranking/ability. Our pools are arranged by points by software designed by BracketPal. This software arranges the players in order of ranking, and then we do our best to make sure pools are organized so that players from different clubs or schools play each other using the ranking provided by the software. The software helps remove human manipulation from the process and is visible to everyone, such as in this event from February.

Our online event records can also show year over year player growth, as with this live example, demonstrating players who improve their skills and finish higher as they continue playing, and are doing so in front of collegiate coaches at our college recruiting events.

Each event we do our best to bring everyone the best run events in the nation, and hope to see you there!