BVNE College Recruiting Showcase Tips – Part 3

Tip #3

On event day when you arrive at BVNE, be prepared. Have your medical waiver filled out. Write your grad year on one leg, and the first few letters of your last name on the other. If you have a number, write that on your arm.

Tip #4

Player and partner must check in at the tournament desk together. With your medical waivers already filled out check in goes very fast, a minute so. Court and pool play assignments, and the court map, will be available at the morning of the event.

Tip #5

College coaches each have their own goals on event day. They usually arrive around 8 am. Most coaches want to see everyone play and will make rounds throughout the event. Some coaches may even make a special trip to follow up on a player they are watching. Coaches will usually blend in as best they can. They want you to play the way you normally do so they will not announce themselves.

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