BVNE College Recruiting Showcase Tips

The most important detail about beach volleyball college recruiting tournaments is that they are not all created equally. Each organization operates by their own standards. So do your research…friends & family who may have already been, social media, etc. At BVNE, we started operating college recruiting events in 2014 at the dawn of beach volleyball as an NCAA championship sport. Since then, we have worked every year to provide transparency and an effective venue for players and coaches to come together for beach volleyball recruiting.

We provide coaches with all of the information a coach would need to make the most of their time at our event. We also maintain records of pool play, finals, and searchable overall rankings of over a thousand players just in the last 12 months. We believe we provide the most effectively run beach volleyball college recruiting events anywhere.

Remember, you are not trying to fill a specific skill set on a team. Your goal is to show you can complete in doubles beach volleyball with whole package of skills.

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