College Recruiting Showcase Events

Back in 2014 when We Are Volleyball Elite first started into the world of college recruiting and beach volleyball, it was still new. Beach volleyball was still part of the “indoor program” and dedicated beach programs simply didn’t exist. Then the NCAA changed the game and made beach volleyball a championship sport and scholarships and dedicated beach programs were started at colleges nationwide. This is when we first started in beach volleyball college recruiting, back in 2014 as the sport was just about to enter its prime!

College recruiting showcases are now popping up all over. It is exciting to see the sport grow, but also important to spend your recruiting showcase dollars with a seasoned team of professionals. GNBV showcase tournaments are well organized, provide transparency during the event by using computerized seeding, pool play, and playoff brackets. This helps ensure that the event is operated smoothly and reduces the challenges that come up with running events on paper, especially when players.

There’s one more thing….it’s the “trade secret” of our events. Founder Daron Forbes has designed our events to provide value and solve problems for collegiate coaches. While the details are our trade secret, the results of player exposure at BVNE showcases is clear. We truly appreciate the emails we receive from players and parents, especially a recent email from a family in Canada who were surprised at the exposure to college coaches their player received at our event. She recently committed.

We may be biased, but the sport of beach volleyball seems to be on fire at the moment with growth happening all over. New beach only volleyball clubs, new beach tournaments to help players learn and grow, more new tournaments to help players reach the highest levels. It’s a great time to play beach volleyball!