BVNE Affiliate Flourish Beach in Indian Hills, Colorado

We are excited to announce Flourish Beach is joining BVNE as our Colorado affiliate location. Director Nate Yang qualified at the grand daddy of them all AVP Manhattan Beach.  Nate’s knowledge, experience & passion for the game will be a great addition to the BVNE team!

Just to start, tournament dates at Flourish Beach in Indian Hills, Colorado:
Kauai Bikini National Championship bid Qualifier:  July 6th/7th
BVNE College Recruiting Showcase International Championship bid Qualifier: August 3rd/4th

The top two teams in each division will earn a bid to either the 2020 Kauai Bikini Championships or the 2020 BVNE International College Recruiting Championships.

Only authorized BVNE affiliates can award bids for what will be the most competitive international college recruiting event in North America and the only tournament that brings out more competitive spirit than earning a new rating or college scholarship, the Kauai Bikini Championships.