It’s always nice to know who’s running an event and why they do what they do, so here’s my story.

This is my daughter Presley Forbes 5’3″ and an FIU graduate.

My name is Daron Forbes. I am the one in all the selfies. I fell in love with volleyball when I was 25 years old. Since then I’ve traveled the California & Mexico coast to play on weekends. When I retired from Wall Street at 34 to be a stay at home mom and raise twins my son Niko & my daughter Presley I took them to the beach with me since they were 5 days old to play volleyball almost everyday. Eventually my kids starting playing beach volleyball at the young age of 8 years old. I put them in other sports such as basketball, baseball, and lacrosse because I wanted them to experience other sports. Soon they were back on the beach playing beach volleyball and eventually started playing on indoor club teams. Life was content. I was retired, my kids would go to school and I would play volleyball everyday.

That all came to an end in 2010 when we lost a dad, best friend, husband to a combination of cancer and rejection of a double lung transplant. I was left alone with two kids, a mortgage and at the same time I lost the hedge fund that I had retired on. With the loss of my husband and losing my retirement within about a three month period, needless to say I was in shock. There were days when I don’t even know how I functioned. My husband left me with these words. One day he said Daron everything is going to be ok. I know you’re strong and will survive and thrive and raise our kids and teach them to be kind, honest and follow their dreams. He would say this to me every night for weeks before he went to sleep. “No matter what you do in life, do what you love and love what you do”! The next three months I thought about what he said everyday. One day I woke up and decided that it’s volleyball that I love. So I set out to start an indoor club. It was called We Are Volleyball Elite aka Team WAVE. I started this club with Chris Ceballos. We had some of the top coaches in the world help us get off the ground. Marcio Sicoli coach to Kerri Walsh & Misty May coached with us. Marcio went on to coach Kerri & April Ross in Rio. We had Olympian Jose Loiola, Ozz Borges from Cuba just to name a few of the dream team. When Marcio & Jose went to Rio for the Olympics I was left to hold indoor tryouts without them.

I had another big decision to make. I had to reinvent myself. I closed indoor and moved everything to the beach with what is now called GNBV National College Recruiting Showcase and BVNE bid events to our two championship tournaments. Some call this a combine, or an unsigned showcase, but for my players it’s GNBV National College Recruiting Showcase. There’s a lot more details in between but I feel it’s important to put your trust into someone who truly cares and has walked your shoes. The showcase was started for my daughter Presley Forbes to Get Noticed and she did. At the very first showcase Mari from FIU came up to me and asked where does the girl who was playing in a blue shirt on that court go? I told her the player was Presley Forbes. Mari did not put two and two together and did not realize we had the same last name. I said she’s in playoffs now on another court in a black shirt now. Mari was the assistant coach at the time for FIU. Although Presley did not initially go to FIU she ended up transferring there her junior year. So when I say I’ve walked in your shoes I know all about recruiting guidelines, transfers and anything else you need to know. In the end I am just doing what I love and love what I do. I hope this helps you understand my passion. Many will tell you my phone is always on and I take calls and text messages to help you find partners, answer questions and help you through this journey of getting recruited. Feel free to send a text so we can get your questions answered. Photos and video are welcome too. Let me help you Get Noticed!

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