HOVERAir X1 Self Flying Camera

Did you get to launch the X1 camera when you won at our California tournaments? This has been one of our favorite things to do for our finishers at BVNE!

This isn’t a drone. It’s a preprogrammed self flying camera. There are no remote controls to learn, no technical commands, and just simple voice prompts from the device. Just fly it over the ground during the day, let it have a look at you before you launch, and you’re good! It will take off and land in your hand.

After our finalists finish at our Santa Monica events, we put the camera in someone’s hand and let it take off and land, all while shooting video. Since we get so many questions about it, we thought we would share it with everyone!

You can ready all about it on thehover.com and check out pricing and details on this page.

Hoping you have as much fun as we do, especially with the “follow me” mode…yes, the camera will just follow you as you walk! See you on the beach soon.

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