Welcome to the BVNE 2021 National Championships

We are excited to announce our National Championship Tournament in Pompano Beach Florida on July 26th and 27th.  BVNE bids earned in the 2019/2020 seasons will be honored for 2021.  It’s important for bid winners to get signed up early. Earning a bid does not secure your spot in our 2021 National Championships.

Tournament Schedule & Format

On this beach we have nesting turtles. Every morning until about 7 am there is a turtle patrol that monitors and marks the locations of the nests so they are not disturbed. 

Our event setup routines accommodate this, and we ask that no one arrive before 7 am. 

Monday morning check in between 7:00 am and 7:30. At 7:45 am we will have the morning meeting before game start. Please remember to arrive no earlier than 7 am. Most people will be at the early check in today, Sunday, from 3-6 at the Pier6 rooftop, at the Tru by Hilton Hotel at 200 N Ocean Blvd, Pompano Beach. 

For afternoon divisions, check in can be anytime before 1:00, and the afternoon meeting before game start will be at 1:15 pm. 

Please check your emails as well. We will resent our last email from registration@bvne.org with all of this information as well. 

Please check your schedules by visiting nationals.bvne.org for your schedule. Pools were published this morning, Sunday the 25th at 10:15 am. any withdrawals at this point become forfeits.

Event Format

            All reffing teams are responsible for entering live scores on a personal cell phone.  One person from each reffing will need to have a charged cell phone. Look for the “key” in volleyball life pools and click on it then follow the instructions. SCORES MUST BE ENTERED IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE GAME. THIS REFFING TEAM IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENTERING THE FINAL SOCRE.

How to Qualify

This is a bid only event for girls divisions 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U and 18U. If you win in 12U but one of the players will be 13 years old the day of the event you can play in 13U. Subject to change based on the number of sign ups.

Play in one of our BVNE BID Qualifiers in across the United States. To find a list of all our events visit bvne.volleyballlife.com

Starting from the FALL 2019 season, ALL BIDS EARNED PRIOR TO COVID-19 will be honored.


All players must have a BVNE membership.

This is a BVNE “Play Your Age” Event. An athlete can always move up but never move down in BNVE.

You must register to secure your spot. Earning a bid does not guarantee entry. This is a first come first serve event.

Refund Policy

If you are sick, have come in contact with some who has been sick, or tested positive for covid-19, please contact us at daron@teamwave.net for a full refund. No refund request will be honored after July 18, 2021 without written documentation of covid exposure or diagnosis. 

Health & Safety Protocol

All rules subject to change.
When not playing please practice social distancing.
Please use hand sanitizer before you play.
Please take your temperature before departing for this event. Temperatures over 100.4 will be provided a full refund by texting a photo of the temperature reading in place of medical documentation.
If for any reason you are sick please text Daron at 310-547-7486 to let her know that your team is dropping out and a full refund will be processed anytime through event day.
If you are advised to self quarantine by a contact tracer please stay home and contact Daron at 310-547-7486 for a full refund.
If for any reason you wake up and don’t feel good even if you think its just a cold please stay home, we will happily provide a refund.
No high fives between teams.
No congregating between teams.
On side change, please walk around opposite sides of the poles.
Use balls provided that have been sanitized.
No personal balls please. 
We recommend everyone wear a face covering when not playing.

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