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Founded by Daron Forbes, We Are Volleyball Elite aka Team WAVE is the parent company of our many events. Over the last four years our Team WAVE’s involvement with various beach volleyball brands have grown has helped draw national and a international players, attracting teams from many different U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and Canadian provinces as well as across the globe from Singapore and Chile. So far in 2018 year we have players from Arizona, British Columbia, California, Chile, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Washington all signed up for our events. With so much happening it was time to establish one name for everyone to know for the best beach volleyball events. And remember, "there's no bench on the beach"™.


BVNE covers volleyball from the starter division in the juniors league, to the collegiate and Queen of the Beach® competitive tournaments. Check out our live feed on YouTube.

College recruiting showcase

BVNE national college recruiting showcases attracts coaches from the top Division 1 colleges from the United States as well as players from New York to California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Singapore. Our college recruiting showcase has helped hundreds of athletes get noticed at our events.

Queen of the Beach® Tournament Series

The QOB event series will bring year round beach volleyball back to Southern California. We will host men’s, women's and junior’s boys and girl’s events through Southern California with an estimated 55 events in 2018 to kick off the season. Will have the same sponsors and run an huge amount of events year round. Prizes will vary at each event from Breakwater Shades, Kauai Bikinis, Queen of the Beach gift certificates.

Juniors club beach league

The juniors club vs. club beach volleyball series that brings true competition to beach clubs throughout Southern California. It runs from January to June with eight tournaments and a championship event crowning the club with the highest points "Best Beach Club". We will also crown a Queen of the Beach® winner in High School Division 1, 14U, 12U and our new starter division.

Collegiate Beach Volleyball League™

This is our inaugural season and we will offer a place for NAIA member colleges, junior colleges and other schools to compete without the hassle of creating, managing, and keeping track of scores and points every year. The CBVL™ will host events so schools can play other schools while in season for extra tournaments and to continue to refine their skills.

Play where it matters.

Points, live Internet based scoring, clinics with collegiate coaches, AAA to B level competitive events, showcase events for college recruiting, club leagues for improved player development, and even starter leagues so young players can learn the game right the first time with more coaching opportunities during the game. We're here to grow the game!

The Beach Volleyball National Events organization is proud to do our best to provide quality and responsible events. Please check out our social media pages to see how we do!

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