July 2020 Championships Special Announcement

July 2020 BVNE Championship Events Special Announcement

March 25th, 2020
As you already know, every responsible organization is not holding events at this time. This means there is no chance to earn a bid during March, April, and possibly May. Since we can’t have tournaments providing the opportunity to earn bids, we are making a change.

Our national championship tournaments in July will now be open to everyone.

BVNE’s summer championships will be the place where the best players play. Pool play will be broken into as many as four different playoff brackets, ensuring the most intense competition, providing players an elite accomplishment to make it to the medal round in any division.

We simply don’t want anyone left out who was planning to earn their bid in March, April, or May of 2020. Now is your chance to sign up for the most exciting summer championship tournaments in the nation. Our Kauai Bikini Championship is the only tournament in the world where you get a KB top & bottom at check in. Elite beach tournaments made fun at BVNE with some serious shopping happening before you hit the sand. Each tournament/division will start and finish in a single day.