May 6th 2018 Queen of the Beach® Tournament

This was a great day for an unexpected reason. Today we had more new players and families come to our 12U division. This is what growing the game looks like! It’s been happens at our events often this year, especially the Juniors Beach Club League where young players who may be playing their first year in club volleyball, or are playing in their high school, come out to play at an event designed to help them succeed. At all BVNE events we welcome new players and are always willing to help explain anything they need.

Looking forward to a great season for the Queen of the Beach® tournament series! Families can have breakfast at Perry’s Cafe while their teams play.


How to prepare your game for the collegiate level

There are lots of ideas here, and lots of opinions from many sources. We believe the bottom line is these four points.

  • Play up, maybe lose and learn
  • Hit the gym, the right way
  • Get agile and use your head
  • Work with a private trainer

Many players play in their age group, compete and grow against their direct peers, and continue learning. When the time comes those players will play the next level up with all of their peers. Who says you have to stay at that level? There is no reason you can’t play up and improve your skill level against more challenging players. If nothing else, at minimum a few times a year everyone should play up. There are tons of 14U and 16U players that have there A, AA, and even AAA ratings. You won’t win every game, but if you show up ready to learn and strategize, your game will improve and with a coach to help improvement will come faster.

There are many high school level players who think they can hit the gym once they make it to college. OK, so the college program has trainers and equipment, but so what? You should know your way around a gym. You should know how to protect yourself from exercises that push your body too far. It’s not fun to have your college career sidelined because you have a season off. Before you show up in college you should be able to have an intelligent conversation with your trainer so you can get more out of your workout.

Defined muscles can be fast and agile, they can also be big and slow. This is where the right muscle training comes in, and the right trainer. You can find the right trainer for you, someone who will train you on getting your own program so that you can manage on your own and not spend hundreds of dollars every month all year long.

Training with your peers and your club is great but get the extra reps you need with a private coach to work on one to two skill sets and master your skills.

All of this will probably lead to one emotion, being uncomfortable. Whenever someone goes outside of their comfort zone, it often means there is an opportunity to grow. Take advantage of that. Ask questions. Learn from your competitors and team mates. Improve!

Remember, there is always someone who is training harder, longer and going the extra mile to get results.  Coaches are looking for girls who are physically fit, athletic, coachable and react well under pressure.  Not always do coaches recruit players who win.  There are looking for the complete package.  Dedication plays a big part of making to college and even more dedication to play in college. BVNE wishes you all good luck on your journey!

Growing the Game!

Every day in the beach game there’s always something new right now. By now everyone knows about p1440, but just in case the King of the Beach® blog has a fast summary for you!

Wait’ll You See What Beach Volleyball Icon Kerri Walsh Jennings Is Launching Now

Wait’ll You See What Beach Volleyball Icon Kerri Walsh Jennings Is Launching Now

This isn’t going to surprise you a bit: Kerri Walsh Jennings has been working tirelessly to launch a pro volleyball tour according to


UC Davis adds beach volleyball

More good news for beach volleyball! Another school is adding women’s beach volleyball to their program. According to UC Davis “With more than 50 Division I institutions across the country adding beach volleyball over the last 10 years, UC Davis is now the seventh school to compete in this Big West Conference-sponsored sport.” The BVNE team can’t be happier than to see our favorite sport continue to grow and flourish. That it is happening at for players entering the sport at the collegiate level  is even better news and we are excited and wish them success in their first year.

UC Davis adds women’s beach volleyball and equestrian

UC Davis adds women’s beach volleyball and equestrian

New programs increase number of women’s intercollegiate athletics teams to 16, reinforce UC Davis’ history of leadership in women’s athletics.


Beach volleyball player Eden McCoy Committed to USC!

Endless Summer Volleyball Club Player Eden McCoy recruited by USC. Eden was gracious and thoughtful in her response to being committed. “There aren’t enough thank you’s in the world for this one, but I’ll start with USC, my coaches, my family, and my amazing club @endlesssummervbc. Wouldn’t be here without you. Fight On.” This was hard work and dedication on McCoy’s part to achieve such a notable accomplishment. BVNE sponsor King of the Beach® wrote more about Eden below, and you can see her commitment photo here.


General Hospital’s Eden McCoy Shares Amazing News!

General Hospital’s Eden McCoy Shares Amazing News!

Eden McCoy who is having a successful run as Josslyn Jacks on ‘General Hospital’ is going to be part of the USA Trojan’s beach volleyball team!


Snow Volleyball at the King of the Snow™ Invitational 2018

THIS was a great event, King of the Snow™ 2018 at Mammoth Mountain! Beach Volleyball National Events was invited to host the inaugural event with our sponsor King of the Beach®. The event brought the first King of the Snow™ volleyball championship to U.S. soil, and probably the first professional snow volleyball event as well.

The event took place as part of the 10th Mammoth Invitational event, hosted by the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation, which works to support and motivate the youth in their local area through education, athletics, and civic responsibility by developing world-class athletic and academic programs for the kids of the greater Mammoth Community. BVNE was present for their fundraising event and we can truly say this is an organization worthy of everyone’s support. They believe in the power of education and sports, and the benefits those experiences and skills can bring to kid’s lives. Check them out here You can also read about all the sports in the invitational event right here

So what does snow volleyball look like?? Keep scrolling down!

BVNE College Recruiting Showcase Events

Back in 2014 when We Are Volleyball Elite first started into the world of college recruiting and beach volleyball, it was still new. Beach volleyball was still part of the “indoor program” and dedicated beach programs simply didn’t exist. Then the NCAA changed the game and made beach volleyball a championship sport and scholarships and dedicated beach programs were started at colleges nationwide. This is when we first started in beach volleyball college recruiting, back in 2014 as the sport was just about to enter its prime!

College recruiting showcases are now popping up all over. It is exciting to see the sport grow, but also important to spend your recruiting showcase dollars with a seasoned team of professionals. BVNE showcase tournaments are well organized, provide transparency during the event by using computerized seeding, pool play, and playoff brackets. This helps ensure that the event is operated smoothly and reduces the challenges that come up with running events on paper, especially when players.

There’s one more thing….it’s the “trade secret” of our events. BVNE founder Daron Forbes has designed our events to provide value and solve problems for collegiate coaches. While the details are our trade secret, the results of player exposure at BVNE showcases is clear. We truly appreciate the emails we receive from players and parents, especially a recent email from a family in Canada who were surprised at the exposure to college coaches their player received at our event. She recently committed.

We may be biased, but the sport of beach volleyball seems to be on fire at the moment with growth happening all over. New beach only volleyball clubs, new beach tournaments to help players learn and grow, more new tournaments to help players reach the highest levels. It’s a great time to play beach volleyball!

See you on the beach,

The BVNE Team

Earn BVNE Points!


Earning points at all three beach volleyball tours for juniors can give you an advantage. At BVNE we have three different tours to play in.

BVNE presented by Queen Of the Beach®️
Play in a QOB and points earned from JBCL and our college recruiting showcase will be added to your total overall points in JBCL.

BVNE Juniors Beach Club League
In the JBCL the points you earn will be applied in our QOB & showcase. However, points can not transfer into the JBCL because this is a club driven event.

BVNE College Recruiting Showcase
You earn double points in our college recruiting showcase because this is our national tournament with teams traveling from all over the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and have had International teams.

Points play an important part of your player ranking. Our system allows college coaches to follow your progress live when your playing and the higher your points the higher you’ll be seeded in a tournament. Not always does seeding work out due to teams who many have never played before in our BVNE events but it gives us a base on how to track players. The more you play the higher your points will be. At the end of the season tournament one player in each division will be recognized on 9/1 at our GrandSLAM event for having the top points.

Latest AVCA Division 1 Coaches Poll

Beach volleyball for women has been the fastest growing sport for several years now and by the looks of things we are continuing that growth.  With opportunities like BVNE College Recruiting Showcases and clinics junior girls now have a place to play and get noticed by college coaches to one day compete at the college level. If it’s your dream to continue to play in college our next College Recruiting showcase is June 10th in Santa Monica.

The AVCA has posted the results from this past weekend. Check out the results to see where your dream school is in the polls.

Visit the AVCA website right here: