BVNE Locations

Names of beaches are not always clear so we provide a street address to drive to, and the precise location on the beach where we expect our courts to be.

We currently plan on having all our events in Santa Monica, California. Most events are just north of the Santa Monica pier at 1200 Pacific Coast Highway (North Beach). We are also south of the pier at 2400 Ocean Front Walk (Ocean Park)

You can use google maps for directions:  1200 Pacific Coast Hwy, Santa Monica, CA 90401

You can use google maps for directions: 2400 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, CA 90405

BVNE @ Flourish Beach:  4471 Parmalee Gulch Rd, Indian Hills, CO 80454

BVNE @ United Volleyball is across the street from 3770 Ivy Avenue SW, Huntsville, AL. The parking lot is on this Google Map

See you soon!

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