BVNE Health & Safety Policy

After careful consideration, BVNE will follow the policy below regarding the health and safety of our players.

Every year is different, and we cannot predict the severity of illnesses that can be publicly transmitted. With this in mind, BVNE will be adhering to the policy below every year. While not all illnesses are severe, we recognize that having other complications can also impact everyone’s ability to stay healthy. So any illness should be avoided. At BVNE we are not medical professionals, so we are acting with a healthy amount of caution to help protect our players and the families that support them.

While ever year there are any number of illnesses that can come about, the influenza virus is the most common recurring health risk which has been tracked over time. Please visit this CDC web page to understand this annual cycle and remember that ever year additional new viruses, such as the coronavirus, can accompany this cycle.

Before players, parents, and our staff arrive at BVNE tournaments

We ask that everyone arrive at every event with freshly washed hands. As well, sanitize your belongings as well.

If anyone might not be healthy the morning of, we are forgoing our refund policy to provide refunds for health reasons up to the morning of, while this policy is applied only.

If anyone, including parents, BVNE staff, or anyone around you does not feel 100% well during the three weeks leading up to the event, please do not attend our events. If this means the team can not attend resulting from this, BVNE will provide a refund up to to day of the event, but not after.

Attendance Limits

During this season when this policy applies, all events will have a maximum capacity of 60 teams. Once we hit that number, registration will be closed and there will be no exceptions.

Attendee Recommendations

At BVNE, our events, awards, and results, are all there to support our players. Until further notice we ask that only those people needed to support the players come to the event.

With larger companies pre-empting the market for products such as hand sanitizer, we will do our best to have enough on site for all players to sanitize at least twice a day. We have seen announcements of large companies ordering in units of 100 thousand for their employees, and we cannot determine how this impacts the public’s ability to purchase the product. It would also greatly help everyone brought their own hand sanitizer.

Personal Space aka Social Distancing

Personal space at events now goes by the name “social distancing”. BVNE staff are often the focal point at events, and the following changes will be made.

The check in table will be further distanced from the players with blockades in front of the table. We ask that everyone in attendance also provide for space between each group that is on the beach.

Event kick off meetings will be held by division only, to allow for a minimum of 6 feet between all players.


Beach volleyball tournaments use balls and clipboards. Balls and clipboards will be sanitized with Lysol Disinfectant Spray before the event. Clipboards will be replaced for playoffs with either pre-sanitized units, or on site sanitized units.

Cancellation Policy

Circumstances can change quickly. As such, we will not cancel any event prior to 7 days before the event. We reserve the right to cancel any event for health and safety reasons with as little as 3 days notice, but will do our best to do so 7 days in advance.

BVNE will comply with all government orders regarding the public health and safety. As well, BVNE will release attendee information to authorized government agencies upon lawful request.

Lastly, we recognize that everyone has the freedom to conduct themselves as you see fit. Please recognize and respect the rights of others to protect their health and well being, and abide by this policy even if you don’t agree that the health risks are serious.

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