Santa Monica Update – BVNE Tournaments

This week BVNE created our health and safety policy to address viral outbreaks. The flu happens every year, and on some years we also see additional viral outbreaks that accompany the flu on similar cycles. This year, 2020, we saw another coronavirus arrive on the scene, after the flu season started, and it circled the globe.

Since we can’t always know how serious things will be, we created our health and safety policy to be used every year, regardless of what health threats we know about. It is designed to apply the lessons we learned here in March 2020, as preventative measures for 2021, and onward.

Please see the policy for event cancellation procedures. This year we learned that the facts can dramatically change in a day, so we will not choose to cancel or continue events en mass. Instead we will handle one event at a time, and determine safety levels from all sources of facts including government resources.

Thank you for your patience.